BWA does not sell products. Instead, BWA vets products on behalf of investors. We share our analytical work with clients, and invite clients to join us in meetings with their managers. Clients always know not only what we are recommending, but why. We never recommend to clients anything we wouldn’t invest in ourselves.

BWA never has power of attorney. We analyze and recommend. Clients decide and control.

BWA charges only fully-disclosed, flat-dollar fees, which change only upon discussion and agreement with the client. Both BWA and the client benefit from certainty and transparency of fees.

BWA’s sole constituency is its clients. The firm has never needed or accepted outside funding and does not receive compensation from any source other than its clients.

The Engagement Letter BWA signs with every client states that BWA is a fiduciary for the client and always acts as such. This assures clients that we have only their best interests at heart.

BWA encourages work – life balance, as long as all client matters are handled promptly and professionally.

As a result of these practices, no team member or client has ever chosen to leave BWA.

Discerning Investors

Beekman Wealth Advisory was founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Anderson (a CFA charterholder and Harvard MBA), who earned her stripes investing on behalf of two corporate pension funds and the Princeton University endowment, before becoming Chief Investment Officer for a multi-billionaire Forbes 400 family. Each of these leading investors employs an expert investment staff to select independent third-party managers and investment strategies.

The premise of BWA is to offer the same model used by these institutional investors, with the same level of diligence, rigor, and loyalty that governed the relationships between Ms. Anderson and her prior employers.

BWA’s team includes Patty Zemlanicky, CPA, MBA; Lauren Archer; and Adena Branch, with backgrounds at KPMG, J.H. Whitney, Goldman Sachs, and Nielson Holdings. Their professional skills encompass compliance, operations, manager evaluation, client service and administration.

The minimum account size is $15 million. The average exceeds $45 million.

Meet the BWA team.