As you may be aware, federal privacy laws require that I explain to you how Beekman Wealth Advisory, LLC (“BWA”) handles “non-public personal information”. This is information that, in the course of the relationship with you, BWA receives or develops about you. It includes information you provide orally or on applications or other forms; information developed about you in the course of providing BWA’s services to you, such as the amount and type of your assets managed by the firm; and technical information developed and/or gathered through your access to BWA’s website and through BWA’s interactions with your other professional advisors, such as accountants, trustees, and attorneys.

As a general rule, this private information is not disclosed to others. It is the case, however, that BWA relies on certain third parties for services that are necessary to enable BWA to provide its wealth management services to you. These may include custodians holding your assets; external managers investing your assets; and professional service providers to BWA (such as the firm’s attorney), who may, in the ordinary course of providing services to you and to BWA, require access to your non-public personal information. Only those who need this information in order to help provide wealth management services to you have access to your non-public personal information. In cases where it is not clear that a service provider is already bound by duties of confidentiality (as are, e.g., attorneys and auditors), BWA will require assurances that such service providers will maintain the confidentiality of any of your information they obtain.

In addition, BWA may disclose your non-public personal information to others when required by law or judicial process (for example, to respond to a court order, a legal investigation or a regulatory audit), or otherwise to the extent permitted under the federal privacy laws.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about these practices.

Elizabeth P. Anderson
Managing Director