Wealth Education: Case Study

Client Need

  • Mother and 35-year-old daughter with little to no understanding of family businesses, of which they were sole heirs
  • Disconnected and overwhelmed by possibility / inevitability of future responsibilities
  • Fears of potential wealth erosion due to lack of knowledge
  • Needed a trusted professional to educate with sensitivity around confidentiality

BWA Approach / Recommendations

  • Created a 10-class series of educational seminars
  • Developed a case-study based learning program using real data available on portfolio businesses
  • Addressed specific areas of concern with prioritized agenda

Result / Outcome

  • Clients felt "empowered and exhilarated" at conclusion of course
  • Diminished the level of friction within the family
  • Clients felt more prepared to assume the management responsibilities that would ultimately fall on their shoulders