Wealth Education: Overview

Beyond the research-driven white papers that BWA publishes regularly, customized courses in wealth education have been developed to address specific topics that clients wish to learn more about. Case studies and examples are drawn from each client’s own portfolio.

Examples of Wealth Education

  • A Few Words on Managing Private Wealth (introductory presentation)
  • Understanding Financial Statements I: The Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Financial Statements II: The Income Statement and the Cash-Flow Statement
  • Analyzing Proposals I: Managers of Market-Traded Securities
  • Analyzing Proposals II: Alternative Investments
  • Understanding Performance Reports
  • Asset Allocation and Asset Location: Tying It All Together
  • Spending: How Much is Enough? How Much is Too Much?
  • Valuation of Private Companies
  • Almost Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Alternative Assets
  • Behavioral Finance: What It Is and How to Use It To Improve Your Financial Life