About BWA

BWA’s Business Model

  • Registered as an Investment Adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940
  • Non-discretionary management
    • Analysis and advice only
    • Decision-making is fully client-controlled
    • Third-party custodians for securities safekeeping (no access to client assets, no power of attorney)
    • “Manager of managers” customized portfolios
  • AUM of approx. $398 million
  • Independently owned
  • 15 years operating history for BWA; Founder has 30+ years of industry experience
  • Talented team of┬áprofessionals with strong credentials
    • 2 MBA’s; 1 CFA; 1 CPA
  • Fully-disclosed flat-dollar retainer fee structure
    • BWA has no commission-generating business activities and sells no financial products